Agricultural Farming & Agro Services


Goldcraft Agricultural Farms and Agro services is a Nigeria based establishment deploying the modern technology and skills to the cultivation of fruits and rearing of animals in a sustainable environment. Our major fruits are Plantain, Mango and Pineapple. Our farming operation is mainly export oriented with the objective of opening up the nutritive and high quality Nigerian fruits to global consumers. Although we are mechanized farmers, we understand the need to preserve our environment and explore eco-friendly solutions in every aspect of our business practices and solutions.

With our dedication to innovative solutions to solving food problems, we operate a dynamic animal rearing operation that demonstrate a vivid understanding of the world consumer requirement and an appreciation of the pillars of animal husbandry. We rear healthy breeds in the most natural environment with remarkably success. This has given us the leverage and competitive edge and this business model has endeared us to our loyal customers.

Our farms are located in Oyo and Osun states in Southwest Nigeria but our offerings are known across the world.